What if you could...

Get out of that job you hate and take the steps to become a full time photographer

Find your confidence and run a business that works for you and not against you

Book more weddings for more money while dominating the competition in your area

Follow a roadmap that gives you the lowdown on all the things you need to do so you can get back to why you started in the first place (your love for photography)

Have clients book you for Y-O-U and not just for your work 

Know exactly what to do at every step in your business

tired of hearing this question?

"What's your real job?"

Yes, we've been asked that question. It can definitely be a little frustrating because people don't understand how much work goes into being a photographer. Heck, a lot of photographers who are just starting don't even realize how much work goes into running a thriving photography business. I mean you're talking about things like:

- Contracts
- Emails
- Marketing
- Equipment
- Posing
- Timelines
- Editing
- Taxes
- Branding
- Web Design
- Marketing
- Networking
- Gallery Delivery
- Album Designs
- Blogging
- Pricing
- Workflows
- And All The Different Software It Takes To Do All Of Those Things.

Anyone else exhausted just reading that?

This membership exists to teach you all the things so you can start implementing it slowly into your business. I have experienced information overload and what happens is that you'll only end up implementing a fraction of what you learned from your conference or online course. I am not going to overload your brain with too much info all at once. It's important for you and your business to digest the information that I'm providing before moving onto the next bite. After all, building a successful business is a marathon and not a sprint.

but guess what?

You don't have to have it all together right now.

is my story like yours?

I'm Josiah Blizzard + I created this membership with you in mind.

Wanna' know a secret? I started where you are right now! I photographed my first wedding for a friend for $200 on a Canon t3i with no knowledge on how to pose or edit let alone run a photography business. Fast forward 5 years and I'm photographing 25 weddings a year at an average of $5,000. 

So what made the difference and took me from stressed out to booked out? Implementing the systems, workflows and strategies that allows me to book only weddings that I love while still living the life I want because I don't believe you need to shoot 60 weddings a year to be successful.

This membership will fast track you to the front of the competition and give you all the tools you need to know to successfully run a wedding photography business. All that's left for you to do is dive in!

covering topics like

CRAFTING workflows that are automated

BUILDing A crazy awesome BRAND

editing + delivering client weddings in just 1 week

implementing communication that gets results

creating an incredible client experience

...and way more

my membership is a monthly goodie bag filled with content that will help you make progress in your business


- ryan & courtney

Wanna' know what's inside the membership?

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Whether you’re just starting or you’re shifting into a full time role as a wedding photographer, you’re probably wondering, “what do I do next?” It can be overwhelming and terrifying and that’s totally okay. There are a million and one steps, but if we can break it down into easy, bite sized chunks then it seems much more manageable. I’ve already given a general roadmap for my workflow in a free video on YouTube that you can check out on my channel. This entire email series will center around the emails we send at each point in the process and go deeper into that workflow by specifically giving you a script of what to say and when to say it. Each email is paired with a video that dives a little deeper into the email and why it’s important.

The email series



Posing is an essential part of the job, right? The way you pose will determine your client's comfortability level and ultimately how they feel about their images. Once you've learned the general posing, how do you go about creating authentic reactions, emotions and smiles? That's where prompts come into play. We're sharing behind the scenes videos and prompt cards of how to set up the couples into the pose and then how we share the prompt with them to get real, genuine authentic reactions and connections between the couple. We'll tell you exactly what to say. You'll even get a download of each prompt card that you can keep on your phone and my personal posing app that you'll be able to access from anywhere.

Posing + prompts



I will be hosting a Live Q&A at least once a month so you'll have direct access to me to literally ask anything you want. This is where we can get into the nitty gritty of your business and I can give you direct advice on the next steps of what you should do. The Live Q&A's are also available for replay so you can always go back and watch them over. This is also a great way to connect with other members of the community and learn alongside them. Chances are they're asking questions similar to yours. 

Live Q&A's



Throughout the membership I will be dropping some mini courses and sometimes full courses based around a variety of different topics relating to wedding photography. I'm all about no fluff education and giving you exactly what you came here for. I will get the information across as efficiently and effectively as I can that way you're not sitting through hours upon hours of content wondering what you should apply to your business. You'll have immediate access to these courses as they release.

mini courses



and more!


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There is so much to share and teach that I'm so excited to give you, but if you want to see all of what is coming to the membership in 2020, just keep scrolling!

• Our Entire Client Gift Process - Where We Get Our Supplies + How Much It All Costs
• Full Year Long Blog Calendar
• A 60 Day Social Media Calendar
• A Pricing Mini Course - How To Determine Pricing + Creating A Pricing Guide
• The 1 Week Turnaround - How To Edit, Blog, and Deliver a Full Wedding in 1 Week
• A Full Engagement Style Guide PDF Template
• Our Contract Template
• Our Client Consultation Script + Behind The Scenes on a Real Live Consultation Call
• The Basics of Video
 • The Pinterest Mini Course - Using Pinterest To Get Traffic
• And More! Including Monthly Live Q&A, Website Reviews, and Giveaways!

Want to know What's coming in 2020?

look no further

All of this is valued at over $1,000 and will help you make tens of thousands.

(Join now for only $15 per month)*

join the membership

*pricing increases after first 50 members.

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You want to book more weddings and max out your calendar

You see others creating successful businesses and you want in on the action.

You want to increase value in your business.

You're looking for a new way to stand out from the sea of photographers on Facebook & Instagram.

You're tired of searching YouTube trying to find the best way to grow your business.

You want to stop worrying about figuring it all out yourself


10% off first year

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25% off monthly unlimited plan for first year

$10 off FIRST ORDER of a 16x24 canvas 

15% off any narrative plan

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(a $30 savings)

Save over $185 just by joining

"Thank you for everything you have done for me. It has been so helpful! The e-mails have helped on how to reply and not get stuck on what to say to new brides."

- Jennifer Wax

And a little more about me, your teacher.

I'm Josiah Blizzard, a film school drop out who pursued wedding photography as a full time career. I've grown that business with my wife, Steph, to a 6-figure business that shoots 25-30 weddings a year at an average of $5,000+ per wedding. I live in the Philly suburbs of Pennsylvania with my wife, Steph, and our noisy, yet playful boxer mix, Chance. I love helping photographers grow their businesses and find the confidence they've had the entire time.

You're in the right place if you are...

Overwhelmed with all the things you need learn to run a successful business?

Wondering how to stand out in a saturated market?

Looking for a community of a photographers to lean on for questions and a trusted guidance coach to walk you through?

ready to join?

THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE membership is OVER $1,000 AND IS constantly growing, BUT YOUR INVESTMENT IS only:


for the next 2 members


monthly live Q&A


new monthly content




Q: I'm super busy right now. Will this offer be the same in a few weeks?

The price will go up based on the number of members. Currently it's $15/mo for the next 20 members. Then the price goes up to $25/mo for the next 50 members before increasing again to $35/mo. The earlier you sign up, the better price you'll get and keep for the lifetime of the membership.

Q: How long will I have access to the membership?

You will have lifetime access. The membership isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Q: How is the content

The content is delivered exclusively on Patreon through individual posts. The content might be a video, a PDF style e-book, live Q&A session, or even an audio podcast. All of this content will be delivered on Patreon so only members have access to it.

Q: How often will you give us content?

The content scheduling may change here and there. For instance, our entire email series was released over the course of 60 days as we gave you a new video and two emails every other day. Other content might drop two or three times a month. Essentially, the answer boils down to this: I'll give you content at least once a month that will help boost your business, increase your bookings, and give you peace of mind that you're taking steps in the right direction.

Q: I have something I want to learn, but I don't see it listed. Will you take suggestions on what to teach us?

100% - I want to teach you what you need to know and if you're struggling in a certain area that I'm not covering or haven't covered, please send me a message and I will add it to my list of things to teach. Patreon gives you direct access to me whether that is through personal messaging or Live Q&As, I am here for you.

Q: Do I have to go month by month or can I go at my own pace?

The beauty of the membership is that you can consume any content you want at any time. There will be certain content or mini courses where they'll build on one another, but a lot of the content will be go at your own pace and consume what you want.

Q: Okay okay. I'm in! But what happens if I find that this isn't for me?

Yay! I'd love to have you in the membership, but if in the first month you find that this isn't for you, you can cancel and send me an email letting me know that you're leaving and you'd like a refund. I'll give you 100% of your first month back. Otherwise, you're free to stick around or leave whenever you want. You're not trapped in a contract or payment plan. But heads up, if you cancel your membership, we can't guarantee the same price if you re-join the membership.

"I have grown and gained more clients than I would have without you. From your help I have a sustainable business, a solid framework in place from workflows to emails that will keep me organized to give the clients a consistent experience. I truly believe I managed to squeeze 1 year of growth into 3 months of working with you. Having a support system and someone with experience to answer questions freely is invaluable."

- blake cernosek